Promotional Codes Terms of use

1. This action is valid only for online orders on www.mariusprundu.eu
2. The price reduction stipulated on the website has a validity date. All orders sent outside this period are not subject to any discount.
3. These promotional codes are validated at the time of payment of the deposit to the photographer. In case of cancellation or change of the event's date, the deposit is lost or is no longer current.
4. The percentage is calculated when the balance is paid on the event's day.
5. Any change of terms in the contract made by the customer may lead to the definitive and irrevocable loss of the discount.
6. The discount percentage applied to the orders is defined in the website promotion announcement according to the standard communication procedure.
7. If the promotional code is not entered in the reservation form, the discount DOES NOT APPLY!
8. For any question related to these terms of use of promotional codes, send us a message on our Contact Form or on whatsapp directly from the mobile version of our website.

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